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Our Mission

To develop, promote, and deliver excellence through quality emergency services education and training.

We offer IFSAC Certification classes to all branches of the military, civilian, active duty, reserve and
guard components. We also offer all OSHA required courses to the American Industry. Our team
of instructors is second to none. We are career firefighters in the city of Indianapolis, IN and all of
us are Fire Officers with more than 20 years of experience each. All of our instructors are vested in
the classes they all teach. Our goal is to educate every firefighter we reach. We are not a
certification mill; instead, we educate all our students in the requirements put forth by NFPA. We
do not only teach the NFPA requirements, but we also teach the common sense process involved
in everyday firehouse activities. Our success rate is 93% on the initial testing process and 100% on
re-tests. All of our pricing is inclusive: books, hand-outs, instructors, proctors, transportation,
certification, etc.

Our research has shown that firefighters learn better from a classroom environment than from the
CDC’s or distance learning. All of our instructors have had prt in writing tests banks, instructional
methodology and lesson plan development. Our Fire Investigator instructor is a nationally known
investigator with about 20 years in forensic fire investigations. If you would like to take your
Instructor, Officer, Investigator, Inspector or Driver/Operator training to a new level, please contact
us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Faithfully serving,
Miguel Ongay, Captain