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Hazardous Materials Awareness

Emergency responses to incidents involving violent criminals and terrorists are extremely
dangerous. Whether defined as hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction (WMD),
illegal substances, or comparable terms and acronyms, these are materials that pose serious
short-and/or long-term hazards to all emergency responders. In many respects, these are
incidents that potentially combine the law enforcement challenges of a criminal event, the safety
challenges of a Haz Mat incident, and the emergency medical challenges of a mass casualty

OSHA standard 29CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(I) require all emergency first responders (law enforcement,
fire service, emergency medical services, etc.) receives Haz Mat training at the awareness level.
Those personnel assigned duties to work in the “cold zone only” This course serves as an entry
level (basic) program.
Upon successful completion of the State written examination, student will be eligible to apply for
certification as “Hazardous Materials - First Responder Awareness” through the Indiana Board
of Firefighting Personnel Standards and Education or the International Fire Service Accreditation
Congress (IFSAC).